Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frolick. Book Review: Hunger Games

Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

An "OMG, Must READ!!"
Hunger Games is about Katniss and she is a hunter. Hunters are not supposed to be hunters and she should not go beyond the fence, but she's a smart girl, shes strong... but maybe not strong enough. The Hunger Games is the country's new reality show that everyone is forced to see, kids fighting eachother to live, and only one will leave the arena alive. Katniss plays through holding both a good deck in hand and a good head on her shoulders. Hunger Games have started, fight if you wish to live.

I like this because you finally have a female quest hero book. meaning a female HP or PJatO.

First in a trilogy
.Catching Fire
Time Took: 1 day
Pages: 384

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Pickling Cucumbers. Book Review: Firegirl

by Tony Abbott

Firegirl will warm your heart and, thankfully, without burning it to ashes. Tom is a boy with a family that is rather normal and is recieving a private school education. Catholic schools are usually where you go to stay away from the kids with bad family backgrounds but his school got the wrong memo. Class elections are coming up and a new girl has joined the class, but she is badly burned. After things finally go good for her and Tom is having fun, she has to leave. Just the two weeks with JESSICA there changed Tom's life.

Time took: 7 hours (+moodswings)

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Screech. Book Review: Flipped

By Wendelin Van Draanen

Flipped keeps a ready sucked into its pages and bound to its characters by making them so real. A boy, Bruce, and a girl, Julianna, take turns telling the intertwined lives they live. Julianna is an outgoing girl that just doesn't keep her opinions to herself and Bruce is a boy that hides away everything he thinks. Its a drama that will make you smile and cry all at the same time.

Time took: 1 day (most)
Page #: dkrn

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