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Author Review: Andrew Clements

This will probably be one of the few Author Reviews I will ever do, only because I usually don't like every single one of the books a specific author writes/wrote.

Andrew Clements
He keeps his stories believable. He avoids most cliches and gives you multi-dimensional characters and ones that have a realistic life, ideas and motives. He gives characters that you can connect with but also stay afar from.

Books he's written include
A Week in the Woods
The Landry News
The Janitor's Boy
The School Story
Room One
The Last Holiday Concert

Yum-yum. Candy Apple Books

Short Synopsis of each of the publisher's books of which I've read.
Bathroom Reads

written by Mimi McCoy

Like him all you want. Abby's friend gets her into horoscopes, but they are always freakily right. Do the stars want her to be happy, or are they looking for a bit of humor?
Pages: 161

written by Mimi McCoy

Cheer for everyone, but only if it doesn't tear you apart to do so. Sophie needs to choose the spot of the squad or her best friend, but it was her best friend that signed her up in the first place.
Pages: 160

written by Francesco Sedita

A girl with a personality and fashion sense the size of her home state, Texas, is moved to a small town and a private school, and her ego and boldness don't make the fit. She has a disregard to all the rules in the dress code and a certain disposition to get in other people's business.
Pages: 120

written by Lisa Papademetriou

Relate with me here. She's a girl that likes t-shirts and jeans, but she has to change that when she likes a boy that is hanging around another girl. Little does she know the girly girl he spends time with isn't in a position to date him. On the side lines her twin brother hooks up with her crazy best friend.

written by Laura Dower

Your best friend, next door neighbor, known since diapers, guy has suddenly caught your attention, but you're best friends, and in the end all that matters is beating him on his knew video game.
Pages: 158

written by Eliza Willard

Red means LOVE, and Pink means Like. So why does she have a red carnation on her locker-door labeled from her best guy-friend? Her best friend can't know about this she likes her best guy-friend. Love Triangles are very sticky, oh... and Happy Valentines Day!
Pages: 138

Other CAP Books
Snowfall Surprise written by Jane B Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens
The Babysitting Wars written by Mimi McCoy
Drama Queen written by Lara Bergen

Candy Apple Press Site

Strangler. Review: Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger

written by Louis Sachar

I love Louis Sachar's quirky series. I think it provides a good laugh when you need one,

It's hard to explain, let's just say that I would fit in with them very well, and if you've seen my other blog you would probably know what they mean by STRANGER.

Also wrote Holes and Small Steps
Time it took to read: 3 hours or less
Number of Pages: 168

Read thee entire series when you're done with this one.

Blippies. Review: Busted

written by Antony John

Confessions of an accidental player. You're the new guy and you want to get some ground. You head to a meeting for the guys and you volunteer for something that is way out of your league, The Book of Busts. All you have to do is find the cup size of girls that haven't been discovered by others. What would you do if the last person on the list consisted of your best friend and the one you really like too? Well, hopefully you don't do what HE does.

I like this because it gives you a new look at everything, and the fact that I'm a girl I get to take a peak into the mind of a guy, but I've done that before in other books; but there is a difference. This ONE doesn't have anything special about him, no powers, no secrets, except for the one, which we all know is totally BUSTED.

Time it took to read: 1.5 days
Number of Pages: 253

I would usually give you books that you may also like, but honestly I haven't read anything like this. If that fact changes, I will edit the post and mention the revision in a later post.

Boo. Review: Halos

written by Kristen Heitzmann

This book is about a girl that had everything taken away from her, her family, her home, her ideals, her life. She arrives at a small town in New England and enters a gas station when she goes to leave her car is gone. Now stuck with no way out of town, and a bunch of unbelieving people, she needs to think of something to keep her safe and unharmed, good thing she is used to having her stuff taken away.

She goes through some hardships and even works for a man that is single, handsome, and did I ever mention unforgiving. He believed her as lying ever since she entered the town, but ends up liking her more than he had planned on, he even starts to think about asking her to marry him.

This is good because it isn't quite a horror, but isn't a comedic romance, it's all of that with drama everywhere.

Time it took to read: 3 days
Number of Pages: 302

If you liked this why don't you try
Must Love Black written by Kelly McClymer
The Wedding Planner's Daughter written by Coleen Murtagh Paratore
Flipped written by Wendelin Van Draanen

La Ti Di. Review: The Wedding Planner's Daughter

written by Coleen Murtaugh Paratore

This is a beautiful story of a mother/daughter relationship at the center, and many other relationships buzzing, swirling and growing from it. The daughter has moved with her mother to the New England coast and lives in a small town. Her mother is the wedding planner and has been a very sad woman for a long time, ever since her husband died. Their next door neighbor, and the younger of the two's English teacher, becomes the love interest for the new wedding planner and a cutie from the high-school the interest for the daughter. In the end there are a lot of happy faces and even a marriage for the candy lady grandmother.

Time it took to read: 4 hours
Number of Pages: 192

Other Books you may like if you like this One
Must Love Black written by Kelly McClymer
Halos written by Kristen Heitzmann
Flipped written by Wendelin Van Draanen

Total Domination. Review: Must Love Black

written by Kelly McClymer

I love this book because it is not about a frilly, pink, puffy, lacy girl. This is about a girl that signs up to be a nanny at a large estate in the New England area. The girl is not goth but her wardrobe mostly consists of black and gray. She is the nanny of a set of female twins that lost their mother at an early age. She finds a boy to like, a friend to hang with, and a goat to take care of along the way. Add in a power outage, a shipwreck, and the goats crazy escape acts and you'll have a beautiful story line, but you can only read if you find this to be a true statement, "Must Love Black."

I have read this book more than once.

Time it took to read: 7 hours or less
Number of Pages: 167

If you like this book you might also like
The Wedding Planner's Daughter written by Coleen Murtaugh Paratore
Halos written by Kristen Heitzmann
Flipped written by Wendelin Van Draanen

Anything and Everything, Can and Will Be Posted. Review: The Emerald Tablet

THE EMERALD TABLET (this review also covers the other published book of the trilogy)
Written By PJ Hoover (former electrician)

I believe this book is a nice way to bring myths to life and superpowers into reality. This is a way to escape the reality around us and enter a new world while staying close to home.

Have you ever thought that the pacific ocean is to vast to be without lad some where? Well if you think yes then your correct. But for those that live on these lands, they are different than your everyday people, they are TELEGENS. Now thinking in a sense of medical terms you realize that 'gen' means something that produces, and that 'tele' means from afar; this makes us all conclude that they are appropriately named. These people practice things like telekinesis, telekinteticity, telepathy, and even telegnosis.

This book is easy to understand if you are good with prefixes and suffixes that derive from Greek or Latin, but is also fun to figure out even when you turn that knowledge off. Even if you don't understand it at all, atleast read if for Jack the nogical (a genetically mutated telegen; the species has heightened powers, and jack himself is 400)

First Book in a Trilogy
~The Navel Of The World
Time it took to read this book: 1.5 days
Number of Pages: 272
Last book of the Trilogy is due to be released in Fall 2010

Other books you may be interested in if you have like the book (including the entire trilogy)

~Necropplis same author release date in Fall 2010
~Maze Runner written by James Dashner
~Harry Potter written by JK Rowling
~Percy Jackson and the Olympians written by Rick Riordin

This Blog Is Random and About Things I Like. Review: Witch and Wizard

Book Review:

by James Patterson

I like this book because its characters are believable, and easily able to be connected with. I enjoy the suspenseful times as well as the high action moments with in the book. I believe the book has a good future, and that there should be a sequel, IT:S JUST THAT GOOD!!!

Co-Written with Gabrielle Charbonnet
Time it took to read was less than a day
Page Number is 312

If you enjoy this book I believe that you would enjoy

MazeRunner written by James Dashner
Halos written by Kristen Heitzmann

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Help Me It's Cheese

The Cheese is coming!!!! You must be ready.

List Of Things you May Need:

< and or a Green Towel.