Thursday, July 8, 2010

Murisaki. Review: Red Pyramid

I love the Characters, the Kids Sadie and Carter, really make the story pop out of the pages so that it comes to be so life-like you lose the reality of this world for a while.

Two kids, siblings, watch as their dad sinks into a solid ground in a glowing casket; things could only get better right? Wrong. The Kids are sucked into a world that lives on the silver-line of the current reality, The world of the gods. The Egyption gods have been disconnected from the human magicians for a long time, it's up to these two, that naturally have the connections that the House has been trying to abolish for many years now, to bring the two types of beings to terms again. Long Live King Horus, if he lives long enough to become king.

Also Wrote PJatO
Time took: 2 days
Page count: dkrn

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