Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blippies. Review: Busted

written by Antony John

Confessions of an accidental player. You're the new guy and you want to get some ground. You head to a meeting for the guys and you volunteer for something that is way out of your league, The Book of Busts. All you have to do is find the cup size of girls that haven't been discovered by others. What would you do if the last person on the list consisted of your best friend and the one you really like too? Well, hopefully you don't do what HE does.

I like this because it gives you a new look at everything, and the fact that I'm a girl I get to take a peak into the mind of a guy, but I've done that before in other books; but there is a difference. This ONE doesn't have anything special about him, no powers, no secrets, except for the one, which we all know is totally BUSTED.

Time it took to read: 1.5 days
Number of Pages: 253

I would usually give you books that you may also like, but honestly I haven't read anything like this. If that fact changes, I will edit the post and mention the revision in a later post.

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