Sunday, May 16, 2010

Total Domination. Review: Must Love Black

written by Kelly McClymer

I love this book because it is not about a frilly, pink, puffy, lacy girl. This is about a girl that signs up to be a nanny at a large estate in the New England area. The girl is not goth but her wardrobe mostly consists of black and gray. She is the nanny of a set of female twins that lost their mother at an early age. She finds a boy to like, a friend to hang with, and a goat to take care of along the way. Add in a power outage, a shipwreck, and the goats crazy escape acts and you'll have a beautiful story line, but you can only read if you find this to be a true statement, "Must Love Black."

I have read this book more than once.

Time it took to read: 7 hours or less
Number of Pages: 167

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