Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anything and Everything, Can and Will Be Posted. Review: The Emerald Tablet

THE EMERALD TABLET (this review also covers the other published book of the trilogy)
Written By PJ Hoover (former electrician)

I believe this book is a nice way to bring myths to life and superpowers into reality. This is a way to escape the reality around us and enter a new world while staying close to home.

Have you ever thought that the pacific ocean is to vast to be without lad some where? Well if you think yes then your correct. But for those that live on these lands, they are different than your everyday people, they are TELEGENS. Now thinking in a sense of medical terms you realize that 'gen' means something that produces, and that 'tele' means from afar; this makes us all conclude that they are appropriately named. These people practice things like telekinesis, telekinteticity, telepathy, and even telegnosis.

This book is easy to understand if you are good with prefixes and suffixes that derive from Greek or Latin, but is also fun to figure out even when you turn that knowledge off. Even if you don't understand it at all, atleast read if for Jack the nogical (a genetically mutated telegen; the species has heightened powers, and jack himself is 400)

First Book in a Trilogy
~The Navel Of The World
Time it took to read this book: 1.5 days
Number of Pages: 272
Last book of the Trilogy is due to be released in Fall 2010

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